The Journey of Mommyhood

Let’s take the ride together.

My name is Keyanna aka “Mommy”. For all of my adult life I have been a mother and find it hard to see myself as anything else. Over the years the journey of motherhood has been one of many questions, many emotions, and many lessons. I am called Mommy by three amazing boys: Jayden , Kameron, and Tristan. Being a young mom of three I find it comforting talking to other moms about this special journey, so I decided to start this blog to be able to tell my story while being able to connect with others.

I want to create a safe place for us mommies. A place where we can vent, teach, learn, question, and so much more. But just know anything shared on this blog is only shared to show the depths of love a mother gives. I want my kids to be able to look back at my journey and see that no matter how difficult or easy the situation was, I always approached it with love.

– Mommy