Terrible Twos??Someone Lied!!

Whoever came up with this whole “terrible twos” thing must have been some kind of psychologist and not an actual parent. I’m just sitting here trying to figure out what logic came into place for this saying to be an actual thing. I have a 4yr old who has been “terrible” since, I don’t know, maybe 6 months. He was so bad, when he first started talking if you asked him what his name was he would say “No” because that was all he heard. Dealing with him I thought no one could top him and then God blessed me with the terror known as Tristan.

Tristan is the youngest of the bunch and my biggest headache. Tristan is a fresh 17 months and causes the most havoc in our home. He’s loud, rude, and beyond aggressive. According to this Terrible Twos rule, that’s when the tantrums and bad behaviors really begin. If that is in fact true, I’m just trying to figure out who would be willing to rent my child for a few years. If this child gets any worse I can guarantee alcoholism in my near future and no one would be able to stop me.

What really got me thinking about this was when I was reading a post in my mommy group on Facebook and realizing how much we look for others to tell us right and wrong with our children. We listen to all these studies and “experts” about what our children should be doing and how they should be developing. And while all that is great for a REFERENCE, I think it’s so important for us as parents to step back and really evaluate our kids as individuals. All kids are not the same and all rules can’t be applied to every child.

Don’t get me wrong being able to connect with other moms and help each other navigate through situations that may have us lost, confused, or scared is a blessing. I just don’t like how in this social media culture people are so quick to tell someone what they are doing with their kids is wrong because it isn’t the “norm”. My husband and I don’t follow many rules when it comes to raising our kids and although 2 out 3 right now are less than angels, they are all very loving, intelligent, and adorable beyond words.

My oldest, who is 9, honestly gives me hope that this is just a phase and one day my house will no longer be known as the loud house. He was pretty hyper when he was younger and has completely mellowed out. This also leads me to believe that age plays a huge factor. I could look to all these experts and read all these rules that would tell me my kids are hyper and need more discipline, but why waste my time? I have simply accepted that these kids are just bad as hell and having three boys this is apart of my journey. I just ask for strength and that someone continues to pray that I make it. In the meantime, I will continue to turn my music up a little louder to drown out the nonstop screaming and, of course, I will do it with love.


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